Me and My Shadow

Me and My Shadow 0.5 Beta released

Posted by acmepjz on Sat, 25 Aug 2018

Version 0.5 Beta has been released. You can find it on Sourceforge.

A brief list of changes since last progress report:

  • Allow to specify a scenery name for blocks, which can change the appearance of blocks to other blocks or scenery (don’t abuse this feature 😂).
  • Now the scenery layers has moving speed and following-camera speed, which can be used for parallax scrolling.
  • Applied charlie’s suggestion that a teleporter covered with a pushable block should not work.
  • The V0.5 version uses a new config file name which will not interference with the old version. You still need to reconfigure the keys if you previously use V0.4/V0.4.1.
  • The popup dialogs in level editor can be resized properly.

Edward_Lii and I also fixed some more collision bugs, like this:


and this:


However, there are some more collision bugs which are not so easy to fix, like this. We plan to leave it in V0.5 and fix it in next release 😅.

Also the known bugs and limitations are still here:

  • No proper IME support for text box, etc.
  • OSX support is broken.

Helps are welcome!