Me and My Shadow

Port the website to Jekyll!

Posted by acmepjz on Sat, 30 Jun 2018

Since 2014 the develop of Me and My Shadow is essentially halted. In 2016 I forked the original repository at SourceForge to GitHub. But it is only a fork; nothing real new development happens. At around the same time oyvindln decided to port Me and My Shadow from SDL1.2 to SDL2. Two years later, in 2018, the porting is finally finished and is merged to master branch. (Thank you oyvindln!) After that I decided at least to maintain Me and My Shadow at a playable state. As the old website and wiki are unmaintained, I also fork the website to GitHub pages.

This new website is automatically generated using Jekyll. The old pages and posts are all ported (fortunately there are only a few of them), some of them are remained HTML, some others are rewritten in Markdown. This opens a new possibility: anyone who want to edit the page can fork the repository and submit a pull request. The same already went for the addon system.

Later I will write a post about new features added since 0.4.1 (in fact most of them were discussed at the forum).